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Allison Hutchins Art

Born in Winston Salem, NC, Allison Hutchins currently resides in Lewisville, NC. Her journey into photography quickly led to complex compositing and a love for digital art.

Drawing inspiration from Nikolina Petolas, Catrin Welz-Stein, Maggie Taylor and Christian Schloe, photographs serve as a brush and her computer a canvas. Working with digital, medium format film, ink and acrylics, Allison's work has been in several publications and most recently she took home the 2018 Photography Award from the Forsyth County Entertainment Awards.

Currently Allison's work can be found at North Trade Street Arts Center on Trade Street in downtown Winston Salem and various art exhibitions in and around Winston Salem, NC


Upcoming Shows

Best Of NTSA  - February 1 - February 28, 2021

- North Trade Street Arts Center - 604-A N, Trade Street, W-S, NC -

DADA at the Benton - Ongoing 

- Benton Convention Center - 301 W. 5th Street, W-S, NC -

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