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Edible Art: Winston Salem's best wedding cakes for fall weddings!

Today I wanted to feature one of my favorite local vendors, Artsy Cakesy. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeanne a couple of years ago and was blown away by her edible artistic skills.

From hand painting details to intricate sugary floral bliss, I don't think there is anything she can't do.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding cakes that would make a stunning addition to any fall wedding.

Red and Gold Bliss

I am in love with this elegant yet simply intricate cake. from the contrasting red and green delicate cascading flowers to the traditional classic white square cake design. I love how the gold accent branches around the top layer giving it an earthy feel. This combines the best of a traditional wedding cake design with a non traditional unique flair.

Stunning Blacks

This elegant design incorporates fresh fruits like figs and blackberries. The black base of this cake is set off by a "naked" cake design on the upper tiers. I love how the unusual cake topper gives it a sophisticated art deco look and feel.

Soft yet Bold

This delicate cake design combines the soft pastel flowers to bold pops of color with the figs. I love how the "naked" cake design is set off with accents of gold.

Your can see more of Artsy Cakesy's designs at their website ,

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