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Here's what you need to know when hiring a Florist for your wedding.

This morning we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jessi Perez, owner and our favorite floral designer at House of Paradox in Winston Salem, NC and asked her what do brides need to know before hiring a florist.

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Image by Allison Hutchins Art and Photography. Bouquet by Jessi Perez, House of Paradox

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Images subject to copyright by House of Paradox

Figure Out your Budget.

The very first question florists are usually approached with right out of the gate is.... How much is this going to cost. According to Jessi, there are numerous factors when it comes to the cost of your wedding flowers.

Knowing your budget is the best way to go into a first meeting with a florist to get a quote. Expect to budget at least $2500 for a simple wedding and the budget should increase for more extravagant or larger weddings.

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Images subject to copyright by House of Paradox

How much flowers do you need?

This will also factor into how much should your starting budget be. Who all needs flowers? How many people are in the Bridal party? Do you need ceremony and reception centerpieces?

It is good to have a general idea and answer to all of these questions when looking for a quote since they all will factor into the cost of your wedding flowers.

Images subject to copyright by House of Paradox

Pick your wedding colors.

Go into this already with a general idea of what colors you want to incorporate into your floral arrangements.

While many flowers come in a variety of colors, others may need to be dyed or sprayed with a floral spray which can increase the cost.

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Images subject to copyright by House of Paradox

Choose your Style.

Do you want simple and traditional? Or are you more dramatic and maybe even whimsical? Know your style before talking with your florist.

Search bridal magazines and Pinterest for some examples of what you are drawn to and show your florist at your consultation.

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Images subject to copyright by House of Paradox

Stick with what is in season.

This is the number one factor that will determine the cost of your flowers.

If you insist on an out of season flower, limit them to just your bridal bouquet or maybe just as an accent to keep your cost down.

Tip: Rose's and Chrysanthemum's are available year round and come in a variety of colors

beautiful wedding bouquet in winston salem nc
Images subject to copyright by House of Paradox

Don't settle for the first florist.

Jessi recommends kinda shopping around.

Meet with several florists, ask to see their portfolios and talk with them to see if their "vibe meshes" with yours.

Find a florist you have a connection with and you will be much happier with the process and your floral designs.

We asked Jessi for a final piece of advice she could give brides when hiring a florist.

"It's your wedding and no one else's. Find your style, know what you like and be realistic with what you want."

You can find more of Jessi's floral creations on Instagram and Facebook

Allison Hutchins Art and Photography || Winston Salem Wedding Photographer

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